10.15 Design Wall-Err Sewing Machine

January 24, 2011

Who needs a design wall when you have a ‘design sewing machine’?

It’s easier to picture how this project will work when draped on the sewing machine.

This is some of what I’m envisioning.  I still need to border the lithium spectrum, cut out the background and Make It Sew letters (not sure what color for the letters yet)

Maybe this fabric?  Not sure, large pattern could be lost in the small letters.


And still have to transfer the letters to fusible – I’m not hand stitching those letters I don’t think.  I could always “not applique” and just machine quilt, but I think I’d rather have a section of color (something other than just black) there.

I also had planned on the lithium going front and back, but now I am wondering if I could dilithium both in front.  Probably best to be in the back as originally planned.

For the inside, I am thinking some of the leftover burgundy fabric I have.

 You can’t see it, but the black on the top of the machine is several long strips of black-on-black fabric.  Don’t know why, but that it is.  Have more of this black on black that could be used as a background if it doesn’t get used on this project.

If you want to see the design ‘wall’ (for those purists out there), here it is.

Can’t wait to get back and work on this, but for now, bedtime, then work, then going out tomorrow afternoon, then the cycle continues again, but replace going out with playing Civilization.

May be a few days.

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