11.0 Stellar Quiz

January 25, 2011

I wasn’t sure when I pulled out this fabric if I could do it.

This fabric is called “space: the new frontier” by benartex.

Looking at the fabric, I thought, maybe I could remember them. My old friends.

I remember a few that I don’t see on here (I think). The northern crown (corona borealis), the big dog (canus major).

And one of these, I wonder if the lines aren’t drawn slightly differently.

There was a king and he was a group of 5 strong stars of a pentagon and you can see him near the twins in the night sky. I always thought he looked like a house, so the “kite looking thing near the center,” I wonder if that’s him, which is not exactly how the lines I knew were drawn.  If that’s not something else I am forgetting.

The constellations aren’t grouped together correctly on here, I can’t pick out the summer triangle, nor the winter triangle.

The arc does not “arc on to arcturus,” and then does not “speed on to (spica?)”

Canus minor is a stretch because it is 1 strong star, one medium brightness star, and perhaps one very faint star.  But I usually only remember two stars.

Anyway, here are the ones I thought I knew (without looking it up anywhere):

Did I get it right?


  1. I recognize Orion, Big and Little Dippers, and Leo, also Casseopia and Pegasus. Scale and position are nothing like I remember them. Cool fabric, anyway!

  2. Do the constellations glow in the dark? I like looking at the night skies and finding the constellations that I know.

    • That would be nice if it glowed in the dark, but I don’t think so. I really am inspired to look up sometimes

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