11.1 Making Me Sew – Midterm Progress Report

January 28, 2011

Well … so much for a quick project.

This is quickly turning out to be one complicated mess, a very long and fulfilling project that will make me leap with happiness if when it gets completed.

The sewing machine cover could not have had one single fabric color, the make it sew letters had to “match” the space theme.

Here are my letters, and see I even made them BACKWARDS (which fixes my problem!)!

Score: Backwards designs – 4, DARLA – 1

And these letters would look fantastic if I was setting them on white (or near white) background like my ironing board (repurposed bed sheet from goodwill).

I do like what I am doing, but hmm:

I was hoping the white in the pattern would make it work, but … now I am not so sure. 

I could embroider around in a color like red or gold. 

But I would be afraid I would lose my sharp edges with that technique.

I should have backed the design in white instead.  Maybe probably.

But now they’re stuck on with fusible.

Or maybe try paint sticks … oh wait, I don’t have paint sticks.

I also ALMOST used plain black fabric for the word outline, but “I wanted something starry and that was the best place to put my stellar fabric”.

I do have the sides done and ready to be basted. 

If/when I fix the letters (they may just stay halfway unreadable – for style purposes), I’ll have to baste & quilt the main body and the sides.

Then sewing the pieces together will be almost all that’s left.  Oh and binding around the bottom.

Oh yeah, I may want a slit in the top of the cover.

Flickr inspiration for this sewing machine cover (tutorial for structure, not content) found at FlossieBottom’s Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial.

That’s my friday night sew-in thingy that I’ve seen other people do.  (yes, it qualifies as sewing until about bedtime for me, so it would count – if I were doing that, and if it were the right week for it).


  1. You are right, the letters need to be backed or outlined with another color. It just blends into the background now.

    Do you have more fabric to make another? The letters would just POP if it was backed with a larger version of those letters in the white or beigey color behind it.

  2. Darla, you could cut them out and fuse to something lighter, cut them out using about 1/8 inch of the light fabric showing and then topstitch to the dark leaving a raw edge…just an idea.

    • Linda, I think you’ve been looking over my shoulder this morning as I have been working. Will post pictures soon. I have that accomplished and more … already!

  3. too funny…I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve done!

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