11.5 New Logo Tryout Session

February 1, 2011

I have been playing around with the idea that in the new year, perhaps I would enjoy a new logo for my avatar. 

I haven’t come up with a “top of the blog border” design as of yet, but I may wait and try out the new avatar for a while and see what I think of seeing it around in the little tiny pictures everywhere before I make the change permanent.

In my photoshop, at full size I think the picture looks quite sharp, but you know how it is when those things get shrunk down.

I am not necessarily asking for your opinion, but I am posting it here to try it out for myself.  If you would like to voice your opinion, that’s okay too.

If I find I do not like it in a few weeks, I’ll either come up with something new or revert back to the old.

Full sized



Thanks for your patience.

EDIT:  Seeing the tiny square doesn’t inspire me.  Too busy.  Will try for something close, but not the same.  Here is a smaller (less busy) version of the above design.


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