11.7 Two Parts from One

February 3, 2011

Today, I unsewed even more and I resewed a part that was unsewed.

I have a more clear vision on what to do with my apron.

I am not sure on putting the ties on the logical place for the apron – the sides that stick out the most.  But I did finally cut the apron neckline – something that hasn’t been done for 2 years.

The other piece needed a little bit of pruning too.


 Reminds me of a bowtie tablerunner/wallhanging.  I like the oblong shape to give it interest without seeming to be too wacky. 

This can hang on my wall in the hot summer when I need a reminder of ice cold winter and my snow day.

Which I then basted.

I measured and I cut and I found backing fabric, and I cut batting, and basted my yellow butterfly wallhanging. 

To use in the winter to make me remember the warm hot sticky days of summer.

… and I found some audio that surely made me laugh out loud more than about anything else lately.  Which I’ll share with you, and probably share repeatedly.

… I also dug out the car, driveway and mailbox today.  Not fun and my back ….

… and I spent about an hour trying to decide for an idea for the bed quilt – since the hurricane one isn’t quite right. 

I was thinking of doing a braid quilt, played around with EQ7 some, and started getting distracted with other designs – not any that I really liked, but looking through the block library is a lot of fun. 

I also have had an idea to make a bento box, coin quilt, star quilt. 

I am pretty sure the quilt pattern for the bed cannot be wonky, and I cannot have red and white patches in it. 

A lot of restrictions on it. I was going to go with a 2 color quilt combination, (with just a tiny splash of another color) but need to make sure the design is geometric and ‘not ugly’. 

Oh and I want to be able to quilt it in sections so I can actually fit it under my machine, so sashing is actually a MUST.

Starting to panic because our 2nd comforter from almost 12 years ago is starting to open up. 

I never liked that one anyway, but if it stays this cold and snowy, I should probably consider replacing it soon. 

Sooner rather than later.

…. I could always do one of those scientific designs ….

I am probably off to play pool tomorrow so have fun!


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment about my new blouse. You definitely should have a go at making clothes. And you have made something 3d – your new machine cover is just clothes for your sewing machine!

  2. Testing testing
    testing edit

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