11.8 Help me get into Geek Craft Blog

February 6, 2011

I made cookies for breakfast yesterday (fun) before having to go to work (on a saturday – not so much fun!), but in doing so, I think I crashed myself with all that sugar.

I have been a little sleepy as a result.  Yawn.  No sewing, nothing but cleaning out my inbox.  Yuck.

… Anyway, is there any possible way I could ask for your help?  ….

A week ago I submitted my “Make it Sew” project to Geek Crafts (about page here) to be considered to be uploaded on their blog.

I received no reply, and no mention of this on their site … yet.  I am hoping there is just a long waiting list of projects.

I don’t know why I have wanted this to show up on their site, but somehow I do!  Perhaps it’s not cool enough?

I mean, how much more geeky can it get … you have star trek – a science fiction program, AND you have science, in a cute pun of scientific spectra – “dilithium spectra” (well 2 lithium spectra anyway).

I have already submitted once on my own, but if anyone else would like to help, here is the submit a geeky craft link to their site.

And just put in the following text for the website: “https://scientificquilter.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/11-2-fixed-it-and-more/” and say how geeky and cool it is.

If you decide to help, thank you.

If not, I’ll just go along with my geeky self here.  Thanks!

– Darla

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