12.4 Kids, be careful with your health

February 17, 2011

Now I’m not all that ‘life experienced’ as some quilters out there, but this week has been kicking my ‘butt’.

A few weeks ago I cut strips while I was organizing my sewing room.

Which was great for my organization, but not for my shoulders.  The good ol’ shoulders felt it the day after all this cutting (there are more baggies).

Then a few days later there was this snow, and you see, it needed shoveled, and after that, I’ve been feeling some pain in my shoulders AND my back.

And then, because I sit semi-crosslegged on my chair all the time, I tuck under my foot under my other leg, and this foot has been feeling pain a heck of a lot.

I wonder if this was why 2 years ago when I went down water slides at the water park, this leg (and only this leg) started really really hurting.  And then it would go away.

Now in the morning, particularly, the foot hurts.

I have been trying to train myself to sit at my chair ‘normal style’, but most days, it’s just natural to tuck the leg underneath, so it’s been hard work.

I really notice how often I am bending over, so I have to try to change some of this bad habits – now – before things only get worse.

So, this week has been the whole combination of leg & foot pain, and back & shoulder pain (that never really went away after the snow).  And I’m exhausted.

So I haven’t really been sitting at my computer lately.  Or sewing.

And in a couple of days I will be gone on retreat.  I hope I’m better by then.

Hopefully, this is just a function of warmer weather weariness, and nothing more major.  Not particularly great news, but I thought I’d share.

Take care of yourself and your bad habits if you can!

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