12.5 Hand Stitched Tumbling Block

February 18, 2011

I have completed my table runner top that is my hand stitched tumbling block.

This would be a fantastic pattern to create in a larger quilt, but for now, this works for me.

Just a single hexagon.  Very cute, and very appropriately me.  I hand pieced this while at work, little bit at a time.

In a month and half (would have been shorter had I taken more breaks at work) I went from no pattern, to this pattern, all done by hand.

I am taking this, along with a lot of a lot of other (smallish) projects to machine quilt to my local retreat.  It’s like a large mug rug size or a small table runner size.

Really works with my round table.  I suppose I could go one more round out if I chose to do so, but I am keeping this the way it is!



  1. Hi Darla. I just listened to the 15 minute podcast. You had some very good thoughts in there. I’m going to try that with work projects as well as quilting projects. I especially liked your advice about scheduling the hard projects for the 15 minute segments.

    I like the tumbling block. The colours work really well.

    Have you seen the latest issue of Quilters Newsletter? They have quilts made from microscopic images. Lots of people using their left brains!

    Oh, and I laughed at the marching ants music. That’s a keeper!


  2. Drama, your tumbling block is gorgeous! (It doesn’t affect my opinion at all that these are some of my favorite colors!)

    • Stupid self correcting iPad! I meant Darla, not Drama! Duh! Now I am off to find the setting that turns that off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • That makes more sense now. 😉 Thanks!

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