12.7 My Favorite Mug

February 21, 2011

I have had a mug in my possession since either the christmas before high school graduation or my graduation.

I don’t remember exactly how it was bestowed upon me, but I do remember that my mother gave me my mug and I had it freshman year of college.

Because my roommie of the time used to laugh because it could hold the entire amount of a ‘four cup’ coffee pot at once.

Anyway, I love the mug fro sentimental reasons – it was a mug that made my mother think of me.

I also really love the mug’s extra large size that makes me think of my first college roommie (I had 5 overall roommies during my years of college).

The weight of the mug is also hefty, which, one may think is a bad thing, but it’s not.

I pick up similar sized mugs at the dollar store occasionally and they are much thinner and harder to want to heft around all the time.

The thinner mugs feel like they’re going to break on me. Ick.

But also the lovely impressionistic Monet replica that is on the mug’s side makes me really adore this mug.

This mug is generally my ‘hot tea’ mug, and I have another mug I use for coffee, which makes me think of a different college roommie.

But this mug is my absolute favorite!

One comment

  1. The mug is made so it can be filled and the drinker can go on their way without ever thinking of having to go back for refills. It’s a comfort mug, one where the owner can sit down and say, “Life is good”. I don’t know about your mug but my large snowman mug keeps the tea or hot chocolate hot for quite a while. Its a mug that I use for when I am sewing or reading a book. I also think of my mug as a favorite.

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