12.9 Podcast Episode 023 – Tale of Two Retreats

February 27, 2011

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The Tale of Two Retreats

Use this podcast and my experiences of two different retreats as a guide to what types of things you may want to bring with you to retreats, or suggestions on retreat projects.

My last post has my basket weave quilt picture.

Here is my butterfly quilt with free motion quilted feathers in it.

And here is the sewing space when no one was there (early morning)

Here is the backing of my hurricane quilt all stretched out ready to be basted (might have said binded in the episode don’t know for sure)

Here is the cutest ironing board ever (not mine, but I wish).

Here is my personal ironing surface solution.

And the strips I was working with on the last day. (a couple of you may get to see these first handed!)

The pineapple block that I was using littlefoot paper piecing method for.

oh … and if you ever don’t have a washing machine to make sure the reds don’t bleed …

See my new facebook page.

The link doesn’t appear to be working for some reason, but if you’re interested, search on facebook for the Scientific Quilter and like my page.

And if anyone else has more luck with this, and would like to know what I am missing, please let me know too!

Thanks for my commenters and encouragement!


  1. LOVED THIS PODCAST… gathered a lot of info I will use for my next retreat.

    Your basket weave quilt pattern was originally a pattern sold long ago but has been in magazines and on line since then.

    The way I have seen the pattern made is whatever strip set finishes at is the size you square your blocks to then you sew them vertical to horizontal. ( like yours is.) Example if your strip set finishes at 8-1/2 inches the blocks are cut to 8-1/2 inches … The important thing is the block size being consistent.

    Our guild uses this pattern for our charity sew ins … We set up assembly style…Sewers sew one stripe to the set then passes it on to the next in line. At the end of the line several ladies square up the blocks … then when they have enough blocks they set up assembling stations. We can process a lot of fabric in that way. OUR ALL TIME HIGH WAS 20 TWIN SIZE QUILT TOPS IN ONE DAY. I really like yours as it has pretty colors… Ours tend to lack STYLE since they are from donated fabrics and sometimes those are lacking.


    I often thought I would like a craft recycling / store since over the years I have tried out so many different crafts…. It would specialize in fabric and quilt notions of course.

  2. Your butterfly quilt is gorgeous! Is that your smiling face peeking out over top?

  3. Hi Darla, I’ve just discovered podcasts…and yours is great. I’ve been listening while I quilt and yesterday was able to get my quilt finished because I was so engrossed in your podcast that I lost track of time. Before I knew it my quilt was done. Maybe I should name it The Podcast Quilt! Will be using podcasts regularly as a quilting tool.

    • The Podcast Quilt! Love it! Since you’ve just discovered podcasts, you have a lot of a lot of great ones to go catch up on! A lot to learn and keep us on task!

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