13.2 Guilty

March 5, 2011

I have been spending money on fishing supplies and just spending money, and more and more.

This time I haven’t even been buying quilting stuff … gasp!

… well not much anyway.

I did buy one of those rulers that has slots every half inch because of a 40% sale at Hancocks, solely because someone at the retreat (who is a very very efficient quilter by the way) said that it pretty much changed her life (well not actually) having a ruler like that.

So I’ll give it a try.

I also bought another Q-Snap-like quilting frame for my hurricane quilt idea, so I can have two quilts that will could be neglected to be hand quilted at the same time.

Spending $ like this always makes me nervous.  But I am happy.

Next I need to buy me a replacement iron.

I also keep thinking about sewing a sheet down in blocks with denim.

I keep wondering if this is a good idea.  I have kept the mind quiet on the idea, but my mind keeps coming back to it.

So it must be a good idea.

There.  Feeling better about the $ thing if I could do this quilt, because it would be all recycled.

And that’s $ that I’ve already spent.

So … anyone have any tips/tricks/suggestions on how to make sure when I sew these two things together that I can handle bias and not get too wonky?


  1. If the sheet is very thin, iron on interfacing may give it some heft and make it easier to sew to thicker denim. Good luck! I think it is a great idea.

    • Sheet doesn’t feel too thin. Good idea on the interfacing. I’ve been sidetracked about other things lately, even though the denim and yellow quilt is still on my mind.

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