13.6 Leftovers

March 9, 2011

I have sent my Strip Twist blocks, so two people should have them within a week.  So shortly, I can post pictures of them.

But for now you get to see pictures of my left overs.



The only actual block for which I have plans, is the block on the top right. That’s going in a swap.

I accidentally created the extra blocks when I realized I didn’t cut enough 4.5 squares to go with it.

You know, what, I am LOVING these smaller leftover “quarter blocks”!

Okay, some of the blocks, I had created before, *blue and yellow* but these 2.5 inch things sewn together into cute little 4″ finished blocks … I can see them either as part of the final design or as borders, or as part of the sashing.

Actually it’s the leftovers that I am craving right now more than the actual blocks for the swap.


Another set of leftovers I worked on yesterday was result of the strip twist.  I was able to create 7 different 16 square blocks from my original scraps.  Not sure where the 7th one will be, but I am seeing colored and white sashings with these blocks as intersections.

Or I could quick create an 8th or 9th block for this guy.

I think I just may have it in me to do one more swap this year, which will be coming up in the fall.  We’ll see how I handle and finish the blocks I have already.

That, and realization that the quilt show is only 3 more quilt guild meetings until it starts has got to light a fire under me to start getting my hurricane block hand quilted.

But lately, I’ve been working for these little beauties instead of finishing what I have.  It’s all for a good cause, for a some-day quilt.

I do I do I do need more finishes!

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