13.7 Small Victories over EQ7 How to Draw and Color and Save a block Image

March 11, 2011

For like FOREVER, I’ve been saying that I’ll figure out EQ7, and have been taking it personally that I haven’t really spent the time to learn the program properly.

Well, today I did a small victory over “the EQ7 confusion lords,” which have subsequently cast a magic potion and convinced me that EQ7 is hard.

Victory over the same “confusion lords” who have removed any knowledge of the program from my memory, including a wonderful class taught by a friend.

I was trying to visualize a block color option for a swap, and I created the following block.

They say that teaching someone else is the best teacher, so lemme share my small victory with you. Let the lessons begin!

1) Block Menu / New Block / Easy Draw Block

2) For a nine patch, put three for the horizontal and vertical grids.  For a 16 patch, put 4 for the horizontal and vertical grids.

3) For a split 9 patch, draw the diagonal lines using the pencil tool on the left.

4) Don’t forget to draw all the rest of the lines or you’ve only created a Half Square Triangle! 😉

5) Chose the color tab on the bottom to color the block.  Then chose a color you want to use in the box that opens up.

6) Click in the middle of all the blocks you want to be a certain color.

7) Now save to sketchbook once the block is colored the way you want.

8) Color the block differently, and add to sketchbook after each set coloration you chose.  When complete, view sketchbook.

9) You’ll see the latest color option present.  Double click on the color option you want.

10) Make sure the color tab is clicked, and if you want to save this version of the image, go to file/export image.

It saves images of the block as a bitmap.

If you have other colors that have saved to the sketchbook.

11) View Sketchbook.

12) Use the arrows on the bottom left to flip through color options.  Once you have located the block color you want to save, double click the block to open it up.

13) Click the color tab on the bottom

14) File export image

For a split 9 patch, I created 6 different colored block choices and exported these images.

Due to the JPG way I saved these, there is a little bit of compression issues here, but I think you get the idea.  You can save with higher quality of jpg from the EQ7 program directly than what I used here.

TIP: Blocks do seem to look better in this format as gif or bmp, (or perhaps TIF or PNG, but I don’t use those formats)

So I hope you enjoy my small victory!

Now to set these blocks into some quilts!

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