13.8 Swap Addiction Anonymous

March 13, 2011

My name is Darla and I may be addicted to these swaps.


Okay, not addicted, but all week, I am working on a block swap with Sew Many Swaps, yahoo group.

I can’t seem to stop, because these blocks are so easy.

You may have seen these blocks in the past posts for the last week.

Here are some mid step blocks ready to be sewn together!

I love organizing for these blocks, getting each block lined up with each other block, the geometric arrangements of my intermediate pieces is very pleasing to me, which is furthering my addiction.

It turns out, it’s a good thing that I like this, because I just read through the directions again and I was thinking that I was done after 6 blocks per set, when in fact, it will be 8 blocks per set.


So I have 6 more blocks to go.  And I’ll have a nice manageable  sized quilt to do with what I wish.  I am even going to incorporate my leftover blocks into the borders!

Or perhaps they are their own quilt.

Anyway, I’m not sure what I’m eating today, and I’m not sure I am going to leave my sewing room today.

Hope I don’t actually starve, I’m sure I’ll be provided for, but sometime I may need to actually tackle the rest of the house.

Happy happy pretty pretties.

Now to feed my addiction again!


  1. How beautiful! I love the colors and the pattern.
    You will have to do a podcast about your swaps sometime.

  2. Your fabrics are great! They make beautiful blocks.

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