14.4 The dumbing down of quilting

March 27, 2011

I recently found a flickr photo and went down to a new (to me) quilting blog.

This article really made me think this morning.  Good point of discussion, and I haven’t made it through all 50 comments on this post yet.

If you notice the bottom of this post, she makes reference to a second post about this same thing, and if you read the blog, you’ll find a third post.

I love it when someone puts this much thought into what they’re seeing and expresses it.  This will completely be a new blog of mine to follow.

If you read the article, please don’t get upset unless you’ve gone on to all three posts on this.

The dumbing down of quilting.

What do you think?


  1. One more thing here. She goes and DOES something about this post, a new series called a skill builder series. To help eliminate the problems noticed in the post. And if you read the comments and the author’s intentions, you also realize that there is a choice to how much we want to put into a quilt or a skill, and that’s not what this article is really about, not about the choice, but the current trends.

  2. Thanks for the link! I read her whole discussion, but I didn’t get through all the comments yet. I think maybe she shouldn’t get so worked up about blogs that are encouraging people to sew. I also think that levels such as beginning, intermediate, and advanced are really subjective, although, truly, those pinwheels are totally not advanced…

    I think that the current trends in quilting are more of a showcase for interesting new fabric collections rather than complex block construction. The wildly colorful large scale prints popular today are better served in simple blocks as they are already very busy looking.

    I also imagine that a lot of the commenters saw the Gees Bend quilts and thought they were just awful and are similarly annoyed in the contemporary or modern section of any art museum. People have different tastes, that’s for sure! More sewers=more fabrics and notions to choose from so I don’t mind if some of the new patterns are super easy.

    I used to do really complicated quilts by hand and I decided to go simpler because I really just wanted to have finished quilts for us to snuggle under at home. This Christmas I did a super easy quilt from a pattern in Quilts and More. It turned out nice, but boy was it a slog to get through. The pieces were really large so sewing it was incredibly boring. I’d almost label that “easy” quilt a “challenge” because I practically had to chain myself to the sewing machine to finish it.

    I love what you designed in your EQ7! Keep up the good work!

  3. Very interesting posting. I read her posts, but not all the comments… Love the fact that she’s started some skill builder tutorials.

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