14.7 More quilt anger

March 31, 2011

A few days ago, I ran across a blog post about quilting and how one blogger perceives the current trends in quilting to lead people to not attempt new and challenging ideas.

Some of the comments were agreeing with the author, some were feeling a bit hurt, like they were being attacked by the quilt police or being called dumb.

Recently, I ran across a similar argument about making and charging money for simple patterns.

This person seems frustrated, and this post comes out as a rant. Probably just a way to release some of this frustration.

Less commenters felt hurt by the post than the post from the other day.

There is a comparison to sewing softies and dress patterns and how easy it is to use a pattern.  More thought for discussion.


Here’s the link.



  1. Interesting link. I’ve noticed the same thing too. It’s not stealing someone’s design to reverse engineer it, at least for quilting it’s not. I have a mathematical mind that quilting exercises so I try to figure out my own quilts. I had a couple subscriptions to magazines first. That gave me an idea on how to plan quilts and some of the possibilities. I’ve cancelled them a long time ago because they get repetitive and seem to only showcase new lines of fabrics rather than quilts. There are many more ideas floating around online that seem better for me to pick and choose from. I only buy books and magazines now for process information, not individual quilt patterns, and inspiration, that’s why I like Quilters Newsletter. I don’t buy individual patterns for myself. My MIL has bought a couple for us and my daughter to do together but she is a beginner. I don’t see us using them after we make them and that makes me feel like they can be a waste of money but to each their own.

    Thanks for posting these BTW. I’ve found the conversations interesting. I think the same thoughts have been on a lot of quilter’s minds. I, personally, don’t get worked up over the issue like this last blogger has. If you want to spend your money on something simple, it’s your money and your choice. Who am I to say you’ve been had or rushed in blindly? We all make mistakes or find better ways or that’s just the way it works for them. As far as the dumbing down of quilting, it’s up to you how adventurous you get or can be. I imagine most people would get sick of squares and rectangles and jump at half-square-triangles as soon as they feel ready to do it regardless if someone labels it intermediate to advanced. I also applaud them for doing something about it and posting basic and not so basic lessons. I’m now following them on my Google reader and can’t wait for the DWR QAL. I think the whole conversation is worth having and worth spreading to keep the ideas open and flowing throughout the overall online quilting forum that is made up of blogs and other sites.

  2. I like how you have redesigned your blog page.

    • Thanks! I have yet to be entirely set on the background, but it’s a lot closer to what I want. Took me many tries to get there.

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  4. I think there are some great points on both sides of the “argument” discussed in those links.

    I think many quilts whether squares or more complex can be beautiful… But sometimes done is better than in a UFO pile!

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