15.0 Meditation

April 6, 2011


Do any of you know meditation techniques?  I have been struggling with many issues on a personal level and I am tired of people saying “just don’t take it personally”, or “you’re too uptight” or “your too perfectionistic”, and “just don’t get so worked up over the little things”.

I “KNOW” all this, but I don’t know how to FIX any of these things.

Things I have tried that have had small successes, but are gone after I am done with the activity:

  • looking at old pictures of family members and of when I was a kid
  • squeezing onto a cherished stuffed animal
  • music (listening and singing)
  • laying down and taking extra naps
  • looking at pictures of flowers from a trip to the gardens last summer
  • soft stretches to relieve the tension in my neck
  • printing off some ‘assurances’ and taping them to my wall right in front of me
  • sewing
  • shopping for fabric

Since I have such smart friends, I sincerely ask for your help.

So, what do you all know about meditation?  Deep breathing?

How do you replace negative voices?

What kinds of “slow and steady” type of exercise do you recommend?

How do you go to sleep and stay asleep the whole night?

The reasons sewing doesn’t help as much as it normally does:

  • with my problem(s?) of the blocks I sent in to the latest swap didn’t exactly line up, not sure if the blocks are going to come back unswapped or not at this point
  • do not have time to fix said blocks before the deadline
  • worried that the next swap blocks are not going to measure out okay and everything is all cut already for them after sewing the strips together
  • it’s been a week after the swap ended with the Quiltcast Supergroup and I only have received one set of swap blocks so far
  • I can’t yet start the machine quilting on my sunflower quilt due to space constraints and perler beads
  • don’t want to embroider currently, no hand quilting to work on, not ready to start something new

One other thing that has been also on my mind:

  • I haven’t put out a podcast in a long time and in the foreseeable future, I am not sure what time I will be able to have to do this in the next couple of weeks, and I never got good enough for the 15 minute podcast technique to be able to fit it in to the weekday.


  1. Hi Darla- I have a podcast recommendation for you! Check out Meditation Oasis – they produce nice quality guided meditations, some of which are related to letting go, calming yourself, etc. Just check out their feed and download a couple that seem worthwhile. I keep them on my iPod for when I’m having trouble sleeping or generally anxious and it helps center me a bit more.

    • Thanks for the tip about Meditation Oasis! I downloaded a few to try.

  2. Chant. Chanting is a great form of meditation. It shouldn’t be long and it doesn’t have to be in a foreign language, though sometimes that helps. Tibetan chants can focus on specific issues or you can find a word that embodies all you want to manifest. One that I like is “Aum, Shanti, Aum” which is a chant for dynamic peace, it might not help you get to sleep though. I find staring at a candle or other quiet meditations hard but engaging ones, like chanting or even yoga, are much easier. In yoga you have to pay attention to your body so much that you forget everything else. Knitting, sewing and other fiber arts achieve pretty much the same thing. Coloring might help. Focusing on your breath is another common one but I find it difficult. When your thoughts stray you’re supposed to let it pass and get back to breathing but that never works for me. Meditation is mostly about focus and concentration and is more than just emptying your mind.

  3. Hi Darla,

    with chronic pain management comes depression. With both comes management. I use CBT techniques (http://www.nacbt.org/whatiscbt.htm). Good techniques for life in general, really.

    Meditation also helps – I like chants, Tibetan bells, certain music (Dead Can Dance is a favourite).

    And you have my details if you ever want to talk:)

    I also use humour a lot. If i am taking life too seriously, it takes me too seriously….

  4. Hi,
    Have you tried some simple yoga and yoga-type music. I find yoga can be just super relaxing.

  5. Hey you…I have something about this in my car…a lot of good that does you, huh? I have to take my mom for a transfusion tomorrow but as soon as I get home I’ll email you and tell you what my book says about negative voices…and what we tell ourselves…it helped me tons! I hope I have your email address…

  6. Hi, for negative thoughts I have ant stickers scattered around “my” places–desk, craft room. ANTS stand for Automatic Negative Thoughts–we are to stomp on the ANTS. The stickers remind me to do that and visualizing stomping on them helps me remember to not listen to those thoughts. The meditation where you pay attention to your breathing and let the stray thoughts go through helps me. When I had trouble sleeping at night because of all the racing thoughts, all my worries I would imagine taking each one and putting it beside my pillow at night. If I started thinking about it, I would reprimand myself and visualize putting it aside again. The visualization really helped.

  7. Hi Darla. Sorry to be reading this post late but I wanted you to know that I do passage meditation. It’s an 8 point program with meditation being one of the 8 points. It can be done along with any religous tradition, or none. To find out more, go to http://www.easwaran.org. Best wishes,
    Ann (I’m a member of the quilting supergroup on Big Tent but there I use a different email address.)

  8. Pray. Maybe even pop into church sometime. It can’t hurt. God Bless.

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