15.5 SQ Episode 024 – Swap Saga

May 3, 2011

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SQ Episode 024 – Swap Saga

Lately, I’ve been concentrating on swapping.

There are many online swapping tools to help facilitate swapping, it’s like having a pen pal that sends you stuff!


You can search flickr for swap groups. You can go to craftster to swap.

The two groups I’m going to talk about are Swap-bot.com swaps, specifically the Quiltcast Supergroup swap group (which you are welcome to join the group and potentially join the swaps), and the Yahoo Group Sew Many Swaps.

As a beginner, you may want to chose the following swaps

  • fabric swaps (for specific fabric cuts)
  • large blocks
  • blocks with small # of seams
  • finished item swaps (mug rug, quilted notecard holders, pincushions)
  • blocks that you can paper piece

Swaps are organized “person-to-person’ a.k.a. decentralized swaps, or they can be centralized.

Person-to-person swaps

  • are best facilitated by swap-bot
  • one way postage
  • easier for international partners
  • one person may flake out leaving one person with no blocks
  • may have partners or swap around a group

centralized swaps

  • focus of the Sew Many Swaps group
  • one person decides who gets what block
  • more scrappy results
  • more people may have to wait if one person is late
  • more variety in styles

Things that are fun about swapping:

  • mystery of items coming
  • risk
  • new color combinations you don’t know you love
  • new blocks you’ve never tried
  • deadlines for finishing a project
  • someone else picks the project for you, less thinking planning
  • scrappy

Things that are not fun about swapping:

  • flakers
  • not being accurate with blocks
  • getting fabric that is poor quality
  • fabric that is unliked
  • waiting for packages in the mail
  • not sure how to finish blocks

Swaps are cool.  Like stetsons and bow ties!

Cowboy Hats

Beard, Beret And Bow Tie

Additional Music

Haliluia by Glen Strickey

Beauty in the Struggle by Shane Henry

Handcuff.wav by Erdie



  1. Darla I was so excited when I saw the little spinner by your name, I am looking forward to listening on my morning walk, you are my favorite walking companion.

  2. Another great podcast episode! I thought the swap topic was very interesting, as I’ve never participated in one before. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better and things are looking up!

  3. I was excited to see you had a podcast. I enjoyed the topic. You sounded like you are in good spirits.

  4. I haven’t listened yet but thank you for explaining swaps. I sort of knew what they were but you really clarified things for me! I had no idea there were so many swapping options out there! One of these days I’ll get brave enough to participate. I’m so afraid I’ll do it wrong and the person getting my stuff will be disappointed!

    • I was afraid of doing it wrong plenty of times, and yes I did make mistakes plenty of times, but when I gave myself enough time before the deadline, it helped a lot.

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