15.6 Stay Organized with Squishies

May 9, 2011

If you suddenly find yourself with a cleaned up living area and a messed up, overcrowded, filled to the brim with stuff sewing room, be sure to stay organized if you’re swapping.

I sincerely hope everyone who I received packages from was rated appropriately. You see, there was a stack of fabrics, envelopes, perler beads, heaphones, tape, paper, gum … on my desk for a while, and although I tried to keep everything together with the original package, I am not that sure that all my squishies are with all my swappy ladies. But so far, I think I’m good(?)

Now I have a scrap swap to work on before this weekend.  Better look at my scraps!

And more importantly, my journey steps blocks are swapped out. And none of them are mine!

Here is what I can fit on my design wall above the ironing board.


  1. I like this quilt. The colors are so beautiful. Is each block done in strips and them sewn to make the square? This might be an idea to put my fat quarters to work.

    • 1st you get light / dark 1 & half inch strips, make 4 patch, sew 4 of these, then sew each 4 patch to a dark 2 & half square (4 times), sew these new half blocks into a new 4 patch (2 of these), then sew the new 4 patch to a 4 & half square (twice), and sew all together. Only thing to watch is seam allowance, matching points, and which direction you sew the new blocks on to the previous 4 patches.

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