15.8 SQ Episode 026 – Periodic Table Spiral Quilt

June 5, 2011

Podcast Feed

Ever since I saw the image from Periodic Spiral, I’ve been in love with making this periodic table quilt.

Here’s a PDF of the image of the Periodic Spiral, and here is the link to the Periodic Spiral website.

I can see this exact image as an art quilt posted on a white or black background.  Lots of scrappy choices.

Or each arm could have different colors representing the similarities of each type of elements.

At the beginning of the podcast, I discussed the change of the atomic radius (size of the atom) as shown as trends in the periodic table.  Here’s a visual to what I was trying to discuss.

If you want to see a dot diagram of atomic radius as discussed in the beginning of the podcast, click here.

Further clicks on this link will show more interesting periodic table views of atomic properties.

At the end of the program, I referenced Inkscape, a vector program that can draw lines and curves beautifully.

Here is the image I copied, and the image I created.  Close enough to worry?

Quilting design lila from Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio

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  1. How funny and amazing! I haven’t checked in on your blog in a couple of weeks and tonight… I see you’re thinking of periodic tables. I was talking to a friend because her sister is making periodic table cupcakes, then someone sent me a link to periodic table magnets (very cool). I started thinking what I’d really like to do is a periodic table crazy quilt.

    • That is incredibly funny and amazing! You’re in some kind of periodic table universe right now!

  2. […] totally failed to mention this wonderful periodic table of sewing in my periodic table episode a couple of days […]

  3. I’m a bit behind on my podcast listening, but just heard your podcast on the periodic table and had to let you know I was so inspired! Loved the look of the atomic radius – think it would be an awesome art quilt if combined with colors too. Thanks for all the information you share – it’s really appreciated!

  4. […] this picture doesn’t look too far off of what the periodic table actually is … which is a good […]

  5. […] have podcasted about it, blogged about it when deciding my trims, and then mentioned it again when showing some of the […]

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