15.9 Hot Design Wall

June 6, 2011

Here are the “hot flashes” blocks that I have paired up the quarter squares to make a quilt top.


I made sure that the center strip fabric was not the same on any finished block.

I really need to come up with a better name than Hot Flashes.  I adopted this name and it doesn’t exactly suit me.  Perhaps Exothermic Reaction blocks.

If only I didn’t have a ton of other projects to work on, I could do more with this one.

But after a while, ouch, it hurts my eyes.




  1. I named a quilt “Oh, My Bleeding Eyes” once. It does not sound like a very scientific name for you though. I like “Exothermic Reaction” since it will get people to thinking.

  2. Those are really pretty, love the colors!

  3. I agree – you’re too young for a hot flash quilt. Exothermic something… maybe Exothermic Emission?

  4. Oh man, I am loving the colors on this so much. And also “Exothermic Reaction.”

  5. […] I was in a defunct swap of hot flashes see  see […]

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