18.0 What hot quilt version do you like better?

August 5, 2011

So, I’m still torn.  Quilt on point, or quilt with diamonds in the center or not?

This? Option 1

This?  Option 2

This? Option 3

This? Option 4

Comment away if you have a preference.  I still don’t exactly.


EDITED after a few comments:  The colors in the quilt blocks themselves and the colors in the border blocks are just some fabrics I found in EQ7 rather than the blocks on my actual quilt. I didn’t feel like putting up the actual blocks that I would use when messing with the setting solutions.

And the color on the setting cornerstones/parallograms are actually a darker orange/black fabric that must have looked a little lighter to my camera.  I thought what I had in the computer was ‘close enough’ to the real color, but when I got a comment there was purple … huh … they’re not purple, but orange on black.  Just so you know.

Size for the quilt, closer to bed size, option #1 measures to be 66 x 81, and I have a queen bed, so uh, I may have to add more border on the outside or another row/column of blocks (maybe) to do option #1.  But people seem to be liking it. 🙂

…. Or I could just have a short quilt, because I don’t know for sure if this is actually going on my bed or just going to be a quilt to snuggle with in the cold (hard to believe there is cold after this heat) … still thinking here.

Options 2-4 are closer to 77 x 88 which is closer to bed size.


  1. I like the first one best.

  2. I like either #1 or #2. One will be much more intense and colorful. Two has motion, but also all that extra black-a very black quilt. For me, the others are too busy w/ the extra little elements.

  3. I too like the first one best. looks like it’s on fire.

  4. 2 or 3. tough call. the extra sashing on 3 is nice and visually I like the square corner stones over the paralellagram ones

  5. I like three best with two and one close behind. I’m sort of not feeling 4.

  6. I like #1 the best.

  7. I like #1 the best.

    Chster NY

  8. Depends on what you want in the room. The first will give an intensely orange look. The second will make it darker.

    I always opt for on point because things are more interesting. Did you try on point with just black sashing and no black blocks?

    The black blocks invite some fancy quilting or applique.

    My mind has started on all sorts of other possibilities, so I better stop now or I will have to makeone of my own, and I don’t have the space!

  9. I like the first one best.

  10. I like option two best.

  11. i like option one the best because the colours seems to stand out stronger compared to the others, where there is too much black.
    This is only my humble opinion, of course.

  12. I think I like option 1. Seems like too much gray in option 2. They’re all really pretty, though. Love the colors. 🙂

  13. The onpoint version as it is in this post is out, because the one quilt shop doesn’t have the black fabric I thought they did. Now I have some deep dark red & deep dark orange which I am considering mixing with the black to create an alternate block for an on point version. That’s the plan right now for this anyway. Or I could always straight set.

  14. I like either option 1 or option 3. I like the colors and the layout of the quilt design.

  15. […] I made some choices about the design to have darker alternate blocks see […]

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