18.1 Close

August 11, 2011

Sunday I recorded an episode, but hadn’t edited/tweaked it.

I listened to it monday, rerecorded a section, didn’t finish.

I listened to it tuesday, rerecorded a different section, didn’t finish.  Went to Quilt Guild.  Didn’t sleep much.

Wednesday, I had a few final tweaks that I was excited to do before heading to work – knowing exactly how my vision was going to be realized.

Then I left work on Wednesday feeling very upset.  One of ‘those days.’ No energy.

Today Thursday, still tired, no energy, have plans this afternoon/evening. Probably no sleep much tonight.

I am looking forward to tonight to help me pull myself back to where I was on Tuesday/Wednesday am.  Very happy, feeling good, laughing.  But to do so means more lack of sleep.

Don’t anticipate energy Friday.  We’ll see.


Shucks.  I was this close to a ‘weekly podcast’.  This close.  Soon.  Soon.

One comment

  1. Hey, not a probem! Sleep! Enjoy a summer day! Much as I enjoy your podcast, I can wait! Take baby steps, the summer is the summer, no one expects perfection, se you when you get here.

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