18.4 Card Trick Design Wall

August 15, 2011

Like an hour after uploading the episode, I went rummaging around my neutral fabrics.

Guess what I found? I found the background fabric that I needed for the card trick quilt I talked about in the episode!

First, the layout of the pieces that I already had available.

Actually the floor would be a good background for those alternate blocks, but I kinda need it to be ON the floor. 😉

So I made the alternate blocks in the light brown background, estimating how large of squares I needed, boy I was just perfect on estimating this!

First I sewed the opposite triangles on, then I trimmed them down. (right in the pic, then left).  Then I sewed the other two triangles down.

So here are the blocks on the ‘design wall’ – one border short, and I need a little more for the kicker border.

And I’m just going to do a 2 inch finished inner border (to match the 4 inch finished outer border).  Of which I have a fat quarter, but really want the width of fabric size on this.

And yes, another smallish square quilt.  I tend to make these a lot, it seems. I like how these colors seem way more fallish.



  1. Very nice! I like the colors you chose.

  2. […] next, I was fooling around with some of the left over triangles from my card trick quilt, and decided to make a few blocks for the back – because that’s now my signature […]

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