18.9 wow 392 flickr favorites

August 24, 2011
Yale School of Architecture: Kevin Rotheroe's "Material Formation"P1020366modified bento box quiltOregon BeachesCubi danzantiMini Quilt Swap for Pam (Uberstitch)
Starburstcity greenInterweaving....designtesselation2P1020382First origami tessellations post!!!
12.23.10PaperReEnforcersInterlaced Star TemplateCeltic DominoesCrystal BallStarWeaveColorized
8.9.11 Finished front"Color Play"Rasberry Dessert QuiltMark & Laura's Quilt 2009RK - Solids only challenge

Scientific Quilter’s favorites on Flickr.

A style emerges when looking at favorites. I really see lots of bold, clean colors, solids, geometric designs, even favorited some flowers, & tiles.

Feel free to look through and see the (mainly) quilters that I am inspired by. Go ahead and favorite some yourself.

Maybe I’ll make this a regular feature, flickr favorites (probably want to do that on friday for the alliteration to work right.

Leave a comment with a link to your own favorites too!

One comment

  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my finished genome quilt. You make a very good point about the label that I hadn’t thought of – I will put a key to the code and the gene name on the label, to hint at the background of the design, but not spell it all out.

    Feel free to post my quilt on your blog, even being asked makes me feel special. As long as you link back to my blog of course that’s fine.

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