19.1 Design Wall DeJaVu

August 29, 2011

So I bring you something on my design wall that has been there before. Usually my design wall is just a place to store completed (or half completed) blocks.  Today is no exception.

First I have some more Journey Steps blocks on my wall.

I am hoping that I can get these integrated with the rest soon. But I think I still need more.

I found out that the website from the pattern is defunct. I would have liked to link back to it eventually.

And no, I’m not going to post the pdf here, but I can always explain how I made this block if you wanna know.  think 4 patch inside 4 patch inside 4 patch.

I also received a nice set of light strips from Victoria at PeacebrookQuilting.  She completely deserves a great big shout out!  Can’t wait to put these into a few more blocks!


Next on the design wall

And next, I was fooling around with some of the left over triangles from my card trick quilt, and decided to make a few blocks for the back – because that’s now my signature style.

I know I could put these on the front, but I only have enough for these three blocks – my burgundy is gone after this. AND, I am not buying any more of the background fabric for this.

I was just messing around with the little hourglass blocks & put 4 together, and another 4 together.  Made me feel ‘designerish’ even though I made a design that’s been done before.  Really felt through the process of the design, ya know?

The block on the bottom I purposefully finished as a broken dishes block rather than a pinwheel.


And a few days left before starting the 5 inch fabric swap.  5 inch squares, how cute!


One comment

  1. Your blocks are stunning. I love the way the bold color works with the simple geometry.

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