19.2 Flickr Favorites before Labor Day

September 2, 2011
rouge à lèvresFotovoltaicaMaple Leaf StructureSign of the Sun GodSix-Pointed StarGoing Green
Star FieldHeartDoyle Spiral+InversionDoyle FlushingDetalle en la pared de un balcón con losetas de ceramica vidriada.Point Blank
UntitledToothpicks IpatternMaking pasta
Crossing Torus / 交差する輪環Black PearlThe AmoebePinwheelSpinblue kaleidoscope

Scientific Quilter’s favorites on Flickr.

In just a week or two I found even more favorites. The favorites I have are very dynamic in color, and should provide GREAT inspiration. I was on a symmetry group, and a fractal group, and even went looking for some polymer clay buttons. Several computer generated images here, but not exclusively. Also nature pictures, quilts, buildings, textures. Yummy fun!

Totally not more talkative due to schedule & I kinda got sick this week as well. Will talk more later, maybe soon?

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