19.3 Journey Steppin

September 5, 2011

Wow, I actually sit down to sew and I get 8 more blocks completed yesterday, in addition to several border blocks done.

And 6 more blocks cut out ready to sew!

These Journey Steps blocks are incredibly addicting!

Here’s where I last left before last weekend.


Much smaller than I ultimately wanted for these blocks.  But at the time of the swap, I was completely satisfied with these.

Then last weekend, I made 6 blocks, which you also already saw.

Then with the 8 new blocks yesterday and the blocks together, I now have this for my design.

And I couldn’t resist looking at the borders too!

I laid down beside the quilt at this point to see how much it would cover of me, and I still want it longer, so I’ll need a minimum of 6 more blocks.

But then, I kept thinking about the DNA inspired design I originally had, but then decided to group the ‘DNA’ blocks into groups of 2 rows each.


Again, still needs to be longer, but this got me thinking I may even be able to quilt this on Molly & take a second stab at a quilt as you go method.

To do this right, it needs the right color sashing, but although I’m not settled on the idea, I am now (again) considering this design.

I had wanted to do this design because it loosely reminds me of DNA, but the strips weren’t separated and I didn’t like it all that much that way.

Anyway, something to make some more progress on.  The blocks are easy to create, but I do love “chunking” (to borrow a term used for something else) my production in groups (sets).  It makes things much more happy for me.

May or may not do something to commemorate the 911 anniversary next weekend.  But getting back to doing the things I love is actually one way I feel safe & secure during unsettled times.  Was something I greatly appreciated on that day!


  1. I like all the vibrant colors in this quilt. The design is very interesting as well, almost argyle. It is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  2. If you are still looking for graph paper that is smaller….I have seen it in 3X5 inch post-it graphs. I almost bought some as it would be fabulous for planning a quilt and I could stick it in my notebook easily.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! Love the dna inspired design. hooray i found another blog on wordpress with an appreciation for science and sewing 🙂

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