19.5 SQ Episode 031 – Rest and Relaxation

September 11, 2011

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Rest & Relaxation

  • Why do we need to relax & rest?
  • Always having to create is stressful, expectations can be high for crafters who use accountability to get things done.
  • Culture today emphasizes the need to get things done.
  • Sometimes we need to step back from things that are stressful to be better in the future.

Rest & Relax

  • Thinking of now instead of what I am going to do later
  • Some people have judgements on what is ‘acceptable’ rest & relaxation.
  • Muscles & thoughts need a cool down time to get better if they’re not doing well.

A few ideas to rest & relax

  • For some people repetitive actions help to rest & relax the mind.
  • For some, putting effort into a new project can drown out thoughts of other things that are bothering you.

Depends on the situation & the task at hand.

Depends on your values.

  • Value multitasking, rest & relax will come more easily if doing multiple things at once.
  • For others, it’s better to just sit & veg out somewhere.

Use music to help with resting & relaxing.

How do you rest & relax the best?

Feel free to add some ideas here.

Ever had a love affair with a sewing machine you don’t own?

This one’s not for sale, image from flickr, by hanpawapu

Music for the episode

One comment

  1. Darla,
    Join SewItsForSale at yahoo groups.
    Then post an ISO (in search of) in the group. Or just watch until your Viking comes up. It is a pretty active group so I advise you to get it in digest.
    PeaceBrookQuilter Podcast

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