19.6 Ten Minute Block Madness

September 16, 2011

Wow, this week really flew by!

Quilt guild, we had someone show us the ‘Ten Minute Block”.  The instructor was nice, but the group demonstration dissolved after getting the 2nd step done, which was fine.

It was great to see everyone’s block & what they were working on, but this time was one of the first & only times I forgot my camera.

Sad as I am the ‘self-appointed’ guild webmaster, and always try to get the show & tell up on the site, this week coulda been great getting actual sewing pictures up too.  Oh well.

Anyway, this sparked my own ‘color controlled’ quilt design with the Ten minute block.

I currently have 9 completed blocks done, and 10 blocks 2/3’s done.

Here’s a picture of the three different fabric sets I am choosing to do for the ten minute block quilt as 3 almost completed blocks.

I am getting stuck at the 2/3 block state because of all the pinning & fighting the fabric to make sure that you keep the ends in or you don’t pinch the middle.

This is slightly concerning me because I could see me getting to this point and then not finishing the blocks.

I did get some leaders & enders done & this is the first project that I’ve been actively trying to use leaders & enders before starts & stops.

Two things I learned from the guild meeting.

1) You can cathedral window this block with or without a 4th (6th) fabric.  The block in the very center becomes the edges to the cathedral window. You just pin a fabric in the center & fold around the center.

The black & grey fabric in the first picture would have been a great edging to the 10 minute block that I have.  But will also look good in the middle too.

2) You can create ‘diamonds’ in between blocks to continue the 10 minute block.  Once you make 4 blocks, each one of the new blocks become 4 blocks for the 10 minute block.

If  you use a fabric piece the same size as you were using, the middle 10 minute blocks look the same.  I’ll get a picture once I do this for this quilt.

Blocks you see here started off as 5 inch blocks.

Finishing at about 9 and a half.  This is an easy block to trim down to a size, I’ll probably trim to 9 inches each before sewing together.

Here’s a link to the video I used to conceptualize it.


  1. OUR QUILT GROUP made these blocks for charity quilts using 10inch squares. I did not care for the block as I thought the center was too small and did not look like it was a pleasing proportion. I increased the size of the center blocks to 14 and 16 inches and I really liked the blocks. We put them in an alternate pattern to take advantage of the blocks we had already made. We sewed the cathedral window variation using a decorative stitch. It made a very pretty quilt. I will try to get pictures of the quilt tops to post …. hopefully at our upcoming quilt show.

    Our quilt shows raise funds for various charity projects in our community.


  2. I forgot to mention I liked your color choices. I think it will make a lovely quilt. I like the smaller blocks your group used.

    I love looking through YOU TUBE videos ….. there is some interesting stuff there.

    Happy Quilting



  3. I like this block and all its possibilities. The colors you used are very attractive. Your guild does so much at its meetings. I think I will have to look for the book in one of the quilt shops. I have been wanting to make a catheral window project and this would be much easier than the traditional way.

  4. […] shared about this quilt before (with video I used to complete the blocks). And again. And when I was thinking of borders (been […]

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