19.7 Even more fun with more than Ten Minutes

September 18, 2011

I sat down at the television yesterday to watch some football. I decided to also pin the pieces of my “Ten Minute Block quilt” together in between football plays.

It’s been raining here, and a little cooler, and I just can’t let the sewing thing go this weekend – in fact that’s been pretty much all I’ve been wanting to do.  Which means that I am still owing people e-mails & responses.

But I’m having fun.

Because of all the hard pinning that was done yesterday, this early morning, I’ve been sewing the blocks together that I had completed already.

I hadn’t done that many of one of the blocks, and another one of the blocks is directional.

This is just a setting to make sure that the quilt will work together okay, considering that some of the blocks I made medium/medium colors, and other blocks I made dark/light.

So, perhaps value isn’t the strength of this quilt, but color is.  I am going to cathedral window the centers around a dark grey.

Here’s a picture of my blocks pinned ready to sew together.

The thing I like about this block is that the center point actually doesn’t have to completely match because of the red centers distract you from the center points.

So perhaps my points don’t match on the back, but you don’t get to see the back, so maybe they do match (you’ll never know for sure 😉 ).

And yesterday during one of the more disappointing losses of the day, I sewed down some strips for leaders and enders for my journey steps quilt.

Which is nice to see all lined up by my machine.


I still don’t like the pinning down the block process, but the effect is cool at the end.

Having fun with my Ten minute blocks that are longer than ten minutes. This one is going to have to have the layout figured out before adding the corner blocks.  Fun!

Now I have to remove myself from the computer room to rest my arms some more.


  1. Your blocks are neat. You have so many pins that surely your points will all match! I don’t have the patience for that much pinning (or the football,either!).

    • I just have so many blocks. I have 4 pins per block (approximately). And they are all there just to keep the tricky middle from bunching in or out. I was so concerned about keeping the middle in with the pins, that, perhaps, the pins didn’t always line up in the center. Football I have patience for, just not in between plays.

  2. Those blocks are very pretty! Love it.

  3. […] shared about this quilt before (with video I used to complete the blocks). And again. And when I was thinking of borders (been over two years since […]

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