19.8 Flying around the earth

September 19, 2011

A long time ago in a college far far away, I wanted to work with NASA due to my love of space.

The planetarium job now long behind me, I don’t keep up on which planets are out when, and I do love looking up on a clear cloudless night.

I am comforted on my ride to work (every day in the dark, mind you) of the stars above me and the wonders of the universe, although I rarely get too deep into it anymore.

I am used to looking up, but what if I could look down?  From the ISS (international space station)?  I saw on Bad Astronomy today a link to this you tube video.

Those of you space-afiles like me, or just anyone who appreciates something beautiful, I am embedding the video onto my site today.


I love seeing all the lights from all the cities & towns!  And you can see the lightning from up above.



  1. This is so cool! Had to watch it a couple times.

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