19.9 Flickr favorites

September 21, 2011
Nikko, JapanCrystal wine glassDaffodils, Violets and a Split Rail FenceRail fence & wild flowersSunset through the split rail fenceSplit rail fence
Split rail fenceDSC09131IMG_4387Ukrainequilt49
quilt35quil14Palettesgoodbye 19233-BQ  54x72tudor rose
Stained Glass Suncatcher...IMG8961bored yet?IMG_1337play_dotKeep Warm100_1999

Scientific Quilter’s favorites on Flickr.

Been an exciting week on flickr, and I think I’ve gotten enough new favorites that you’ll see different things today.

I even have quilts in this weeks’ favorites lists. Someday, I’ll actually organize my favorites into categories (galleries I think).

You’ll notice several red, white, and blue quilts in this week’s favorites, in honor of a swap I once thought I would do.

I completely didn’t see any indication of the deadline being passed to sign up until 3 weeks later. Whoops.

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