20.0 Strip Sorting Surprise

September 27, 2011

Wow, first this is my 200th post.  Whoopie!

All 200 have been written by me, some in haste, many with either deep contemplation & formatting, or just putting up pictures of things I’m working on.  This is one of the latter.

I’ve learned lately that posting the best picture first shows up well in feedly, facebook, even though it doesn’t feel like a linear regression (or is it progression?) of what I’m working on in terms of my time.

But then again, my work may be better described as quantum regression – jumping into & out of projects so fast without any regard to the timeline that I started, so quantum regression – err progression – err whatever it is – for the pictures.

So I was sorting & cutting scraps to put into baggies to sort them out, and I created these two mini quilts as a result.

The red & white “mini quilt” is a leftover from my 2nd quilt I ever pieced (which is still not quilted by the way).

The red fabric was the 1st fabric I ever bought from a bona-fide quilt store, and one that I still absolutely love.

The mini quilt on the right is the leftover pieces (not the 16 pieced blocks I have somewhere in my UFOs) of the jewel toned strip twist blocks that started off some of the swapping fun I’ve had lately (which reminds me to get to the post office TOMORROW (or the next day)).

I had several leftover strips and I piano keyed/checkerboarded this mini quilt together, because I like the high contrast between the white & jewel tones.

Both quilts need some kind of border, even small ones – OR large ones(?).



In honor of my 200th post, would anyone want me to quilt these up & give them away as a ‘giveaway’ as a thank you for readers of my blog?

If you’re game for this, post a comment on the bottom of my post (this post) and in two weeks, lets say the 14th I’ll draw a name.

If you have a preference on either of these mini quilts, please say in the comments & I’ll honor your wishes.

I will border these, FMQ them (try out some design from my book), bind them & send out one or both quilts – depending on the response.

If you just want to comment to say hi, and don’t want to participate in the giveaway, let me know that too.

If no one is interested, then I get to keep them both & put them above my door or on the front of my sewing room.

Size w/o borders are: 6.5 x 23 and 8.5 x 25.

You might even call them table runners.

Other Progress

Progress picture of the living room floor.  If you can stand looking at the mess, this is my living room at one point when organizing my scraps.

As you can see I use two fabric bins from wally world to store the scraps, and I favor the ‘plastic bag system.  Scraps are usually cut into strip sizes & placed in color bags.

And if your mind is blown away by disorganization and needs a little more order, here’s what else I’m working on:

These are my dark / light leaders & enders that go onto my journey steps quilt, for the middles of the three sections.  Each of these will finish at one inch in size.

It’s the first time I’ve really utilized (well) leaders & enders by having them all prepped ahead of time.  But then I tend to sew down more strips to make more leaders & enders.  Which is good & very cyclical in nature.

Also working (slowly) on optical illusion podcast (I need to e-mail back someone from 2 weeks ago) but also waiting for a book I saw from Ruthann on SeamedUP.

Original reference I have is ‘okay’, but nothing that exciting or easy to get what I need from it.  Hoping that Optical Art Quilt book will be more dynamic!

Okay, get to commenting and/or experimenting!


  1. This looks like fun… Love the blues and greens ….. those are about my favorite colors. I think I need to do something like this with my scraps.. it could be the never ending quilt top with alllllll my fabrics ….. GREAT IDEA…

    200 blog post … it seems just like yesterday … doesn’t it…. Blogging in general goes intermittent… some times you have a lot to say… sometimes you are so busy that you have no time to post… Sometimes a blogger has nothing to say… but don’t you just love having a VOICE.


    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams- Podcast

    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams – Blog

    email me at: nonniequiltingdreams@gmail.com

  2. I think they are both quite stunning. I would be proud to have one of them (the piano key one is my preference) in my home as a celebration of your 200th post. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.

  3. Hey Darla! Beautiful fabrics in both of your mini quilts, and you’re right! They would be lovely over a door, on a door, or as a table runner. It’s fun finding fun ways to display minis. Keep up the good work!

  4. I like both of your minni quilts. The piecing and the colors are beautiful!

    You are not alone in your reorganizing efforts. Today I will finish up my fabric reorganization and maybe rearrange my sewing and cutting table area. Friday night I took all my fabric out of the drawers and bins that I use for storage. I had stacks of fabric cuts, according to color and yardage, arranged on the floor all around me.

    After the bins and drawers were cleaned out I next cut strips and blocks from fabric that I had used to make tote bags and aprons from. The fabric from these projects had been folded up and placed in a bin after I had cut out the fabric that I needed for the project. The bin was my “to do box” and each piece ws just waiting to be cut into strips, squares or fat quarter sizes.

    I also use ziplock bags so the small fabric strips will be gone through today and added to the bags that I already have going. I need to find a project so I can put these fabric pieces to use. The bags seem to be growing plumper.

    My husband looked in at what I was doing last night, shook his head and walked away. He did not understand what I was doing. The cat even left my stacks alone instead of walking over them, which is good, since he likes to be the center of attention when I sew or have fabric out.

    Yes, it has taken me until today to complete the project. I worked on the room when I wasn’t busy with other weekend projects.

    I could say that between you, Sandy at Quilting for the Rest of Us and the recent podcaster that I just found out about and listened to at Peacebrook Quilting (I don’t recall her name) are responsible for my reorganization mess but that would be wrong of me. My fabric areas just plain needed attention. When my sewing room looks messy I just can’t sew or create, I have to clean or tidy. In this case I did a fall reorganization effort. In the process I did get caught up on my podcast listening. So in a way I accomplished two things at the same time.

    Tell me about leader and enders. I have always had the picture in my mind that leaders and enders were pieces of fabric that were too small to be used in a project and were kept to be used to start out a seam when piecing. You put them in projects. I need to learm more.

    Wow, this is long. Sorry to take up so much space.

  5. […] A few posts ago was my 200′th post.  And in honor of that, I had a surprise idea (even to myself) of giving away a mini quilt. […]

  6. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on these gorgeous mini quilts! What was I thinking? I like what you did with the blue one, but the wild woman in me (who is normally buried very deep) feels the reds calling to her. On the other hand, I am picturing the gorgeous blue one in my dining room in my bluely decorated empty nest.

  7. I would be honored to have a quilt, they are fantastic…if I’m not too late. I like the red fabric…gorgeous. Red is my favorite color!!!

    Also…reading your scientific quilt blog…have you ever thought of pascal’s triangle quilt? Hmmmm…one day I may attempt it…or DNA quilt if you want something more challenging. One day I may attempt that too. But for now…no time to quilt with my new 6 month old. If you ever try these please send me a pic.

    • You’re not too late, I’ll decide at the end of this coming week: the 24th. Working on some of the borders for the red quilt this weekend.

  8. Darla, congratulations on your posting. Keep it up…just remember that I tend to get behind with my own work, so I am always behind on blogs and podcasts. Both of your little quilts are great. I love the colors of both of them. Red is my favorite color, but the blues are so pretty. I’m going to make one of the strip twist block quilts as soon as it gets to the top of my list. I think your little quilts are going to make me finish a tablerunner that I started in June, just need to quilt it. Okay, it’s on my list for today, jill

  9. Thank you for posting the picture of this beautiful small quilt, I was looking for a different border design for a very special quilt that my elderly mother in law hand quilted the blocks as a little pastime for the long winter days, the quilt is just made up of bits and pieces from my sewing room and that border will really set it off.

  10. Very lovely! I like the color combinations.

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