20.1 A tiny bit of good in the world

September 30, 2011

I did a tiny bit of good in the world, and I got something nice too.

At work there was a craft table full of blankets, scarfs potholders, jewelery, and a portion of the proceeds of the sale go to Leukemia & Lymphoma support.

I didn’t make anything (didn’t know about it before hand really too much), but I did buy two items.

And since I decided I’m not a crocheter (anymore) that I will really like using these items this winter.

I now have a new hat & scarf combo, each bought separately.

I’ve never had a hat with so many holes before, so I am hoping I don’t decide to line it with some wild animal print soft fabric I bought at Hancock fabric.

Like this fabric

It is nice & soft and I haven’t known what to do with it.

But how does it look as a potential lining?

Hmm.  Maybe not.  Yes, my head is down looking at the floor.  One of the weirdest photos of myself, if I do say so.

In any event, lined or not, I feel good that I did a little bit of good today, if a little indirectly. 🙂

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