20.3 Borders Abound

October 4, 2011

Today was Saturday, but it really is Tuesday in real life, but my ‘Saturday’ from work.  While I love it this time of the week, guess which day of the week I’m not so happy about the whole thing?

Anyway, over the past several days my computer, iTunes, browser just was behaving badly.  Which in turn, leads either to TV / movies, or sewing, sewing, sewing, (or house cleaning, but none of that today, thank you very much), ore shopping, shopping.

In my sewing, I have been pretty much addicted, don’t really wanna stop.  I worked on borders, after thinking about the borders/loss of borders on my exothermic quilt, I had borders on my mind.

Card Trick Borders

First I sewed together my card trick and got the inner border on.

Looks very spiffy as it is.  Now I am going to put borders on the outside that are the same plain background with blocks either only in the corners or in the corners and sides both.


Corners & Sides

This quilt sat for several hours on the floor like this.  I think just for difference sake (several other quilts have corner blocks), I need to bring in the blocks onto the sides.

I almost wish I had not cut my borders already for this quilt and could put them on point.  But what can you do now after this I have hardly any of the background left?


Disappearing Four Patch Borders

And then, I decided to go ahead with a black & white border plan for my disappearing 4 patch quilt. I don’t think I shared, but it involved a high print fabric as a wider inner border and black & white checkerboard.

I purchased the high print border today, I don’t generally buy a lot of high print fabric.

This is meant to be 4 inch border around the middle but as the fabric is not washed yet, then I can’t spread out the fabric any more for the audition.

So the inner border is NOT yet done on this quilt.  And the border corners are just going to be simple blocks of the same high print fabric.

There is quite a bit of blue-green in the border, which is not really present in the quilt, but I (so far) think that’s okay due to the scrappy nature of this quilt, hopefully that will tie everything together.

Also, serendipitously, I made the black and white border the same size as the patches in my D4P (Disappearing Four Patch) block, they are 4 inch finished.

Which makes the math really easy to work out for the inner borders, they have to be 4 inches in size each to fit as well.

Not all quilt math has to be hard.


Ten Minute Teal Borders

I have my ten minute blocks all packed away into rows (with post-it notes & pins) after laying them out on the floor on Sunday morning.

I hadn’t really thought about borders for this quilt until shopping this afternoon, and I saw a teally/purple batik that I really liked (not exactly quilt shop quality, but hey, I liked it).

The picture above also shows some of the other work done over the weekend on preparing the cathedral window quilt.

I have only pressed 1 row (5 blocks) with the iron, and only “cathedraled” that one row with pins, so not too much preparing.  And I decided that only some of the blocks will get the fancy grey center.

All my pieces are cut for this quilt, and no I am not going to ‘cathedral / ten-minute block’ in between each of the blocks, even though I can.  This quilt already has a lot of work ahead of it, especially for being a ‘last minute bonus type of quilt’.


Piano Key Giveaway Borders

A few posts ago was my 200’th post.  And in honor of that, I had a surprise idea (even to myself) of giving away a mini quilt.

I said I was going to put borders on it & quilt it, so the weekend of borders, behold, it has borders now.

So now it’s roughly 17 X 34 unquilted in size.  I plan to quilt this with FMQ (not sure what yet to do, but something other than Stitch in the Ditch).

It’s a mini quilt that’s not quite so mini.

I plan to use a mulitcolor, multi-strip binding bringing in some of the purples & burgundies & greens that are found in the center of the quilt, staying away from the teal I already have in the rest of the borders.

I only had 4 people comment on that post, so if now this quilt appeals more to you, let me know by sending a comment on Strip Sorting Surprise.

I would love to be able to give it away to someone once complete.

Currently I am not planning on putting a sleeve on the quilt, mostly due to time, but one can always pin a sleeve on the back for a wall hanging.

Unless …. someone has a fast & easy sleeve method they would like to share.  I don’t really like the hand sewing down the sleeve to the back of the quilt.

… Or I could sew little holders into the binding that could become visible holders, that I may do, but that may determine horizontal or vertical which I don’t necessarily want to do (this quilt works both ways I think).

Those are my thoughts today on quilt borders.  Maybe I should put this and a few more ideas into quilt border podcast episode since I’m currently stuck on my other episode (don’t ask, my bad on that one).


  1. Or you could let the winner decide what to do with it, because right now I am picturing it as a runner on my dining room table or my coffee table. Just sayin’.

  2. YOUR QUILTS look lovely…. I really like your D4P, is that the size it will finish at? or are you going to make it larger? I have several twin size tops made for the charity quilts from that pattern. Love them.

    I also like what you are doing with the 10 minute blocks …. I have seen some of the same patterns but with YO YOs in the center of the cathedral window.

    I love your color sense adds a lot of depth and richness.



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  4. […] til det lille verandabordet mitt. En forenklet versjon av card trick blokken. Vanligvis lages den slik… Men det blir for mye arbeid for meg så jeg fant en måte å kun bruke firkanter på den. […]

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