20.8 SQ Episode 033 – Back in Time

November 20, 2011

Podcast Feed

Do you want to go back in time?

Have things changed for you since you started quilting?

Have you changed some of your preferences in quilting since you started?
When leaving a project for a period of time, and coming back to it, how do you know what to leave alone, and what needs to be fixed?

Have you ever been stubborn & defended the original vision or original technique that was learned, even when you see something bigger & better or even easier?

My first & only machine – Molly.  What if I went back in time and never got her?

Or if I never got my iPod?  How would my life be different without these simple things?

You ever had a positive experience when waiting a long time between starting & ending a project?

Creatively, have you ever ripped out & started over or given up something from a long time ago?

What about the new experiences you’ve had that may color your quilts better today than before?

Have your quilts grown and changed along with you?

Quilting can provide a good framework for low & high risk of involvement, something to go back & time, to be connected with the past, ladies with different opportunities than I have.

We can connect with good times, bad times and all times of people of the past using quilting – something that has been around for several decades.

Going back in time to learn about the past.

It’s been 2 years since I started the podcast & blog.

No giveaway – still working on the last one from a month and a half ago.  Whoops!

Backing fabric is done (pieced), 505 spray is located, batting has been found that is the right size.


from Mevio’s Music Alley

from freesound.org


  1. Darla, Congrats on the two year mark! That is staying power in the podcast world.
    I enjoy your shows.

    PeaceBrook Quilting Podcast

  2. Congrats on the two year podcast-a-versary!

    In response to some of your questions…I think the one I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how my taste has changed over the years of my quilting. Although some of that is life circumstance too. When my kids were little, I worked in brights a lot more, since I knew that’s what they would like. Then I went through a more country-color phase, with lots of earth tones. Now I use a little of everything. 🙂

    I’m also finding myself wanting my quilts to have more meaning sometimes–although I do like just doing stuff for fun, too. But I didn’t have as much time for quilting before, so my project choices tended to revolve around what I could finish pretty quickly. Now I’m willing to take more time.

    So my quilt life has definitely evolved over time. Not sure I’d want to “go back in time,” except to be able to learn more from my Mom!

  3. I am just catching up on many podcasts! (It is so embarassing.) My current soon to be finished quilt was begun 4 years ago to be a wedding gift for my daughter. (No, it is not late – wedding never happened.) I am handquilting it and nearing the end. I will be doing a blog about this later, but as I near the end, I am realizing how poorly pieced this quilt is. It was my first quilt set on point and I didn’t handle that especially well. Sigh. I have some cut off corners. And I may not have chosen the most appropriate quilting. But my daughter will love it anyway. I’m just the one it bothers.

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