20.9 Rippit Missing

November 23, 2011

Things are still not normal.

I have decided I am working on my very own ‘inhome’ retreat.  I have been relocated to the kitchen for some other sewing, and in the meantime, my normal sewing machine table has been ‘more useful’ elsewhere.

So I have all my sewing stuff in the kitchen, my make shift ironing board, my tiny twisting cutting mat.

I am working on my lovely block for a black & white block swap for the month of november.

Paper pieced.  I really want this block for myself, but I never got around to making this block yet, and these things take time.

So my swap partner (different one this time) will get the same block that I made before.

Anyway, because when i resat down I noticed I couldn’t find my seam ripper anywhere.

This one.

Found on amazon.com but instead of buying amazon, I’m going to wait for a couple of days & buy at LQS.

Yes, this seam ripper is not really that ergonomic, but I really like the blade at the end.

I was given a similar style one by a lady at the retreat I was at, but the blade catches too much I don’t know what the difference is, but I can feel the difference.

Speaking of tools that I lost & replaced:

I had a small magnetic extending tool that I haven’t found anywhere for a while.

So I was at “bargain depot” (a bargain home-improvement type store), and I found something similar.

This one is much heavier duty & I like the handle, and the piece on the end is much bigger than the similar tool I lost.

And bonus!

A light to help you see all that far down on the floor.

Strong enough to pick up scissors.

Well these are my medium sized scissors anyway.

Cheap replacement, and better.

So, I ask you, any of you tried the gingher seam ripper?

Is it worth the cost?  Found on amazon.com for twice the price of the ultra pro. Retracts.  Looks comfy.

Don’t think LQS has one so I’ll have to shop online for it.

One comment

  1. Darla,
    I have the Gingher seam ripper.The blade comes out differently than what I expected, so I am probably not holding it as the manufacturer intended. I think I want to be more delicate with picking out stitches and this thing is meant to really plow through them. I just can’t develop a rhythm to the ripping. The Havel blade looks more pointed at the end than the Gingher, so I think I would like it a lot more for picking. I hope this helps.

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