21.1 I have to say NO

November 29, 2011

As much as I want to say yes to new projects, I have to get to work more on my exothermic quilt for my bed.

I have been saying ‘yes’ to lots of things that I like to do, which in turn makes me say ‘no’ to getting a quilt on the bed.

The 12 year old comforter that I have yet to replace is now doing this:

Another title for this post: Why binding is so important.

Disgraceful!  Absolutely.  You should all throw me out of the ‘quilting club’ for this.

Not that I really cared for that comforter anyway, wasn’t one I picked out and after 12 years (5 years of winter only useage) I think I’ve gotten my use out of it.

So to say Yes to the replacement quilt, I have to say NO to the other quilts & projects.

Even though I wanted to help with the triangle swap that Nonnie has me thinking about. Maybe I’ll find a way to keep with that. And to finish the table runner I discussed the quilting design for on Sunday.



  1. I had to LOL at the binding comments…I have a few of those myself. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your design for the replacement quilt!

  2. very funny! We hope you might have time to say Yes to us–or perhaps just a little dialogue about being a ‘scientific quilter’–you may have seen my email to you. Our publication is hosting a Science in My Quilt competition and now we’re curious to share with our reader different ‘scentific’ relations to quilting. Hope to be in touch–am enjoying reading your blog! Sherry @irishquilting.com

    • I need to contact you, haven’t had a good time to sit down and do so lately. Thanks for the follow up.

  3. […] I need a quilt for my bed see […]

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