21.5 Little Time Left

December 18, 2011

Man, I hope all of you are realizing what little time we have left.  1 week until the big holiday.

Still have 2 presents to buy, but I have most of the rest done, except for wrapping.

And I have not promised anything (*edited* crafty) for christmas to anyone in my family.

Granted I have a giveaway quilt that I started 2 months ago that eventually will go out, but that’s not christmas related. I don’t like the pieced back I made at all right now anyway.

And now there’s little time before a family party this afternoon an hour away.

And since I’m so sick of orange & orange fabric, I thought I’d share & harken back to a UFO I started in February.

I made a weave quilt top center (okay not pieced together, but I have it all laid out ready to piece – blocks are done).

And for a while I put it aside to think about the borders.

And in October I came up with the borders for this quilt.

Well don’t have the corners done, but I want this weaved design for the borders. “Chevron-esqe”

And here is a graphical picture of the block I created.

And I was wondering exactly how to do this.

So half square triangles of blue & red, with yellow 1/2 inch strip in between.

I have part of it figured out, but I need to do some calculating for the other part.

I have no problem with making bias tape for the part that travels over the red. And I have some made.

But the problem is going to be with the bias & the blue portions.

Here’s part of my blocks right now.

I will probably calculate the angle this is hitting & create a blue block that has a yellow stripe naturally in the middle, which is what I should have done first anyway,

but I think things backwards most of the time. Still have to create & recreate scenarios in my head & make the mistakes before settling in.

Anyway this is where I am at.  Well I have been starting more on the Journey Steps quilt too. Needed to remove myself from the orange.

I was reading an article about being ineffective & for sure that’s me. Don’t focus, don’t put things away, don’t stick w/ one project before moving to the next.

But that’s me.  And that was sewing today. & yesterday was shopping and later this week is wrapping & wrapping up shopping.

Good holidays if I don’t make it back in time.

Can’t wait to share progress on my hexagon periodic table quilt – coming soon!

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