21.6 SQ Episode 034 – Christmas in 2011 Podcasts I Listen To

December 25, 2011

Podcast Feed

Posting & recording this on Christmas Day.  Things have been … interesting in the last week to say the least.  Sorta rambly, let’s just go with it.

Podcasts I listen to that are not quilting related. Including links below, but I personally do not use links of sites to listen to. Best bet, highlight & paste into your favorite podcast catcher the following titles.

General Radio converted into Podcasts

Semi Professional General

Science Based

Educational & Fun

How to Podcast Podcasts

Crafty Podcasts (non quilting)

Books & Lit

Are there more to add that are FANTASTIC podcasts? What do you listen to & why?

See you tomorrow for Boxing Day Sew In BDSI #BDSI

See you on Twitter. Just put in hashtag BDSI. Use TweetChat to help you sort it out. I will.

Additional Music

A Podcast Christmas Theme (edited by me) by Tom Shad

Carol of the Bells by Doug Astrop


  1. Thanks for the list. I also listen to PRI’s The World in Words (http://www.theworld.org/category/podcasts/the-world-in-words-podcast/) and Vinyl Cafe (http://www.cbc.ca/vinylcafe/). The first one discusses all sorts on interesting tidbits about languages. The second is a Canadian one, and the host tells very funny and sometimes poignant stories.

  2. Hi Darla, we listen to many of the same podcasts. Besides the quilty ones, I listen to Grandma’s Sewing Cabinet, Grits to Glitz (occasionally), HappyCrafter 207, How Much Do We Love, iMake, , Joyce Meyer (love her), Manic Mommies, Sew Forth Now, Spilled Milk, Sporkful. Thanks for posting yours!~I’ll check them out! Always looking for new good ones!

  3. Thanks for the Xmas gift of podcasts.

    Have you listened to The Science Show? It comes from ABC, the Australian one. The show has been going for decades and is really good. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/scienceshow/

  4. How did I forget Sew Forth Now. I listen to her, but did not post. Ugg. I haven’t gotten to your podcasts you listed Robyn, but I’ve signed up for them in iTunes.
    Listened to a few of the language ones Colleen, but LOVING ABSOLUTELY the Vinyl Cafe so far. Listened to a christmas turkey story, and one about a library, and one about the bloopers. The host sounds amazing & funny, and I just get pulled into his stories.
    I also have downloaded the science show & have listened to one episode, lovely. I’ve got more warm & fuzzy podcasts to become acquainted with. 🙂

  5. Hi Darla, About the fiskars tool. I have one too and some stencils for simple shapes to cut with it. I have had very little luck with it. It works on fabric only if you’ve backed it with paper; either freezer paper or fusible web. Even then it doesn’t work great. Hope that helps. Tami In Denver

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