22.5 Another Sew in … Super Bowl Style

February 2, 2012

Katie blurted out on twitter earlier this week something that had been rattling around in the back of my head, lets do a super bowl sew in on Sunday.

On twitter.

To follow me I am at @scientificquilt but really you need to just put the hashtag SBSI (super bowl sew in) into twitter or your favorite twitter application and you can follow on all the fun.

From the first sew in, I learned about tweetchat, which you link up to your twitter profile, then type the hashtag in the top: SBSI and then tweetchat does all the work of following & organizing your tweets – AND if you type a tweet while IN tweetchat, it will add the SBSI to the back of all your tweets. Which is how we’ll be most able to follow the sewing conversation.

If you use regular old twitter, which you can do, you just need to put somewhere in the tweet the words #SBSI and then whatever you say will end up in the chat room.

I set up a flickr page for people to post their progress.

I don’t really know exactly when the super bowl happens, sometime in the afternoon/evening on Sunday the 7th, but I’m not going to wait until then to start sewing on the sew in myself personally.

Sew early. Sew often.

Make a day out of it.

I feel like I’m forgetting something….

Oh, I want to do a podcast during the sew in. Do you want me to ask any particular questions or anything to the twitter audience? If so, say so now so I can be prepared.

Oh and you can watch the game and commercials too, don’t feel bad if that’s what you want to do instead. Come by a little before and/or a little after and say hi (well truthfully I won’t be up for after the game, but I’m sure someone else will).

Pam said something about how this can also correspond to #gdas (get drunk and sew). All your choice.  It was funnier when she said it though.

The last few sew ins were a lot of fun, so here’s hoping this will be too. See you there!

One comment

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! SeamedUP is going to do a mention of it, too.

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