(Almost) Live from twitter, it’s SBSI

February 6, 2012

Podcast Feed

This episode is written and done during our live twitter sew in session.

Okay, written is a ‘strong word’, how bout this episode was mumbled and fumbled during the superbowl?

In the episode, I talk a lot about the superbowl, about our twitter based sew in, get a ‘live how’s the action currently’ of a moment in time or two.

Okay, so maybe the content is similar to watching people talk to each other, but I want  you all to be invited next time we do a sew in.

That way, if you haven’t been a part of it yet, you can share in the fun.

When should that be?

Monthly? When?

I should set up a poll about future twitter sew-ins.

When I picked everything up for the day it looked like this.

So the episode references:




Missouri Star Quilt Company Double Slash

A hexagon /nine patch / equilateral triangle quilt from Tokyo Quilt Festival

Jaye’s post on chunking.

The fiskars ultra shapeXpress tool – do you use it for fabric ever or only paper?

My mom’s name wasn’t Dinah, but isn’t this a neet block to see on her birthday?

Makes a neet quilt.

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