22.8 Chunked

February 13, 2012

I am THIS CLOSE to being done with my quilt ….

the center …


  • borders (three)
  • batting (black, need to purchase)
  • backing (need to piece don’t have large piece yet, also not planned)
  • quilting
  • binding – have this planned

And next weekend I’ll be at a retreat that I am excited to work on something else.


But for now lets show you what I did with the chunking on this quilt.

I started with chunking before I even knew how to chunk. Last weekend (Super Bowl weekend), I took one direction, lets say the south west direction in this photo, and sewed all the sashing directly onto the blocks.

Then, I took all the opposite rows of sashing, south east, and sewed them onto the corner stones. Took last weekend to do, lots of sashing & cornerstones, lots of time.

It took Saturday morning and Sunday morning to start sewing the side sashing to the block.

Jaye’s method of chunking involves sashing on both corners to be done first, and then, treating groups of blocks as pieces of blocks.

So I sewed Saturday morning, the 1st middle group together, then afterwards, noticed I flipped the light & dark pattern of my blocks, so I had to rip them out on a long car ride during the day.

Then I resewed the block of four blocks, and sewed another group of four blocks, being careful to alternate my seams. Then two groups of four blocks became a block of 8 blocks. 2 X 4.

If you can really tell I did that again. And I sewed the corners down in rows of three rows.

The longest seam will actually be 5 blocks deep, which is a far cry from the 8-9(?) that are in the quilt from corner to opposite corner.

Good thing is, there are only 2 seams that long, and 3 seams that are 4 blocks deep.

Currently I am trying to get motivation to sew the last few seams together so I can show it off at the meeting tomorrow night.

But I am getting a little sleepy. If I don’t do it now, I may not do it. I mean we have a guild meeting on valentines day.

And I don’t have an extra day off wednesday to recuperate this time.

Next weekend is retreat! Sewing galore!

Well gotta go finish, or work on finishing.


  1. Its looking great!

  2. I just love this quilt! I love everything about it, the pattern, the colors, it’s just beautiful!

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