22.9 Scientific Quilter’s favorites Feb 18, 2012

February 18, 2012
Happy Days 4In CelebrationIn Celebration 7-Aseamless surface design tileddover maddening pencil mazemarimekko quilt back
Cathedral Window Quilt, blockAnother Mushroom QuiltMy mario Mushroom QuiltBlack Mage QuiltDay & Night quilt topThink Outside the BLOCK Quilt
16th Birthday quiltBlack and White and Red All Over QuiltDan's Quilt: ebony and ivoryamish quilt Black Quiltsblue quilt
AbstractBraided Kaleidoscope for Fat QuarterlyIMG-20120205-00122Θ Caleidoscopio - Kaleidoscope ΘTD2_146TD2_147

Scientific Quilter’s favorites on Flickr.

I don’t have a ton more favorites from flickr as I thought.

I thought a little bit of color over here that is not orange, black or a variation of either would be a very good thing!

Hope to be able to show more progress pictures of other projects soon. Maybe as soon as wednesday.

Time to get away (20 minutes away) with the fabulous members of my guild as we go to the retreat center with all the sewing machines, irons, fabrics as possible!

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