23.0 Mathematics and German

February 20, 2012

I really really want to do this pattern that I found from a link off of a link to a site in Germany. At least the website is German and also English. And the pattern is also in English.

I’ve never bought a pattern overseas before, but this would be totally worth it. But I’ve also never really used a quilt pattern before either. Not fully anyway.

The quilt that was created was located here, and I could buy the pattern here.

And I was thinking that the part that scares me the most is the buying something overseas, but I really shouldn’t worry that much, I assume it happens all the time.

I also would be taking a while to match my colors I think.

But I would be totally stoked in making this design!

Stellated icosidodekahedron

If you’re reading this when it posts, I’ll be up the road at a retreat, thinking about/sewing on my own quilts!


  1. That is soooooo awesome! I think you should definitely order this even though it’s overseas. It’s stunning!
    Have fun at your retreat!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. WOW! That is amazing! FWIW, I’ve sent things overseas before, and it’s no big deal. I say do it, but hey, it’s you, not me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Holy Cow! That looks scary difficult and so impressive. I can’t wait to see your version. Good luck!

  5. Hello from Austria! Ulla Lenz is save, you can trust her! I sometimes order fabrics from US, never had any problems. Greetings from oversea! Elisabeth

  6. Yep. That’s a doozy. Very nice. Love their color choices, too!

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