23.4 Fifteen Minute Report March 6 for Life in Pieces

March 6, 2012

Reporting in the 15 minute challenge, sir!


Yes sir, I did get sewing in every day last week, with the exception of last Tuesday sir.


No sir, I did not actually plug in my sewing machine, sir. It’s hand sewing. And prepping, sir. Important tasks for sewing later, sir.


No sir, I haven’t been consistently reporting, sir. Not this year, sir.


Yes sir, I realize that Kate from Life in Pieces would like my project report, sir.


Yes sir, I realize that it could be a little confusing with the dates sir. Tuesdays report to Kate, use the link-up. Then Saturdays in March report here sir.


Here, sir.


For the podcast March A Long Sir.Ā  The special goal to get as many people sewing 15 minutes every day for the entire month of March as possible, sir.


Yes sir:


Most of it is just paper, sir.


Here’s what I want to do as a scrappy quilt, what I was drawing in EQ7 on Saturday. Isn’t it pretty, sir?

I want to make it scrappy, sir.


Scrappy means that all the pieces are different fabrics, but similar color values, sir. And I want to have my guild help me with the Pizza box challenge coming up, sir.


…Dismissed soldier!….


  1. At ease stitcher!

    Great report! Great plan on the scrappy quilt, it is pretty!

    Hope your March Madness operation for 15 minutes of sewing every day works out! Good luck!

  2. Here is my MARCH ALONG REPORT …

    Saturday March 3rd … three hours of FMQ
    Sunday, March 4th … another one hour….start 15minutes then hours go by

    Monday… nothing but
    TUESDAY… Two hours FMQ getting done

  3. great week!

  4. I loves the quilt design!! šŸ™‚

  5. that is a great quilt design~!~love the woven effect~!
    and congrats on a good week.


  6. Great report, made me laugh out loud! I’m not going to be reporting, since I’m blessed with way more time to sew than you have. But sometimes knowing I have time makes me slack about getting to it. You’be been inspiring me to get in there and sew. Yes, paper counts, too. And I want to steal that scrappy design- wow!

  7. I love that scrappy layout. It will be soooo pretty!

  8. Scrap quilts are my favourite kind. I love the design.

    I think you can stand at ease now. Looks like you had one fabulously productive week!

  9. That quilt looks like it will be gorgeous. Maybe we should all do it as a quilt along – but not until after May!
    Another gorgeous Darla Design!

  10. […] Here, going Here, and Here, and here before […]

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