23.5 Necchi Love

March 9, 2012

I’ve been extremely happy at seeing what everyone has been doing for march, or at least hearing about it.

I have been not sewing too much, but I’ve been cutting out paper piecing templates for two quilts that have several pieces to them. One quilt I printed out templates for 20 blocks (4 pieces each), and the other for 4 blocks (6X4) 24 pieces each.

Today I’ll start folding all the pieces down while I am away.

But Wednesday, I adventured to this nice retired engineer’s house (was a little eccentric), and he had like 20 sewing machines that he’s either fixed ready to sell, or going to fix to sell.

I think his hobby isn’t sewing, but fixing sewing machines.

Anyway, he found this machine with a lot of Oklahoma red clay and thought it was rust, then cleaned it, oiled it. I saw on Craigslist and knew it was for me!

All metal, including the apron.

We’ve already had a little few tangles once I tried to change to certain stitches, I am thinking it’s related to either the tension or how I thread my bobbin.

But anyway, tangles put away and now I’m looking for a name.

I understand Necchi is Italian. And I’m looking for a name for this machine.

Looking for sassy, italian, older.

Although I was told that maybe I should look for the italian companion for something english & classic like ethyl, elenor.

Already got some good suggestions on twitter, but if you have any more suggestions, lemme know.

I think it’s going to be interesting getting to know her. 🙂


  1. How beautiful! I hope you spend many happy hours together! No name ideas right now.

  2. LOVE heavy duty machines.. Wish they still made them.

    MARCH A LONG REPORT: FMQ for an hour today plan to finish off the baby quilt / maybe wall hanging I have been working on.

    Tomorrow from 9am til 9 pm going to an all day sewing session… have a wedding gift to work on. Plan to podcast and blog about this one.



  3. Hi Darla, I said I’d do the 15 minute March challenge and then….. I got two puppies, 10 weeks old! Man, full time job. I volunteer for a Border Collie which includes fostering dogs in our home. This time I was given two puppies. They are awesome, adorable and….. But I am taking the fime to keep up with you all. Thank you, Tami

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