23.6 Report for 1st week of March!

March 10, 2012

Report soldiers!
How have you been doing this first week (full week) of March? I’ve gotten a couple of reports already, but there could be more for the podcast tomorrow.

Me and my Necchi have started to bond. She’s fiesty alright, and I have to triple check to make sure that I am hitting all the little hooks for the tension.

I also bought her some bobbins, but they happen to be plastic and do not have a section to pull up the loose thread in. I wonder how I am supposed to start the new bobbins, because this was tricky. Any tricks?

Trouble may be with this heavy of a machine, I may not be able to use my current FMQ set up. This girl really moves the whole laptop stand when I get to sewing fast! Seeing as I currently use a wimpy TV tray, uh… I’m going to have to rethink that too.

But she sounds really nice, and fabric seems smooth with the machine, so I’m willing to do the little quirks that you have to do when you get new things, like a new/old car.

Also today I had to clean up my sewing room.

In my cleanup, I found a block that I bought at Fabric Recycles and I framed it for quilting.

So this was a full Bonus little thing!

I coulda done something more with the borders, but my star fabric didn’t exactly match colorwise. And now the border is on, so I am not going to unsew and change it. I dont think.

Well the corners just scream to have something going on with it, maybe some applique??


And in my cleaning, I found some partial blocks that I can set with black to make the black backing for my exothermic quilt. Productive day. At least 15 minutes.

And I started making pieces for a Guild BOM two sets of blocks to see if I could make a cute scrap quilt block directions and have an example for my guild members to see.

How was your week? You motivated to sew? At least a little, or motivated to get ready to sew later??

Report! Thanks!


  1. Hi Darla. I was behind, so only listened to your podcast yesterday on the way home from work. But I did do 15 minutes yesterday and a couple hours today. Right now, I’m working on two baby quilts. They are going to be identical, because they are going to 2 moms-to-be that don’t know each other. They are both due in June, so I should be able to be done by then.

    I keep hearing your marching ants in my head when you ask for soldiers to report.

  2. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I did a couple hours each day. Then I realized there was absolutely NO way I was going to finish the big WIP in the basement by next weekend. Sigh. So Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were mostly online quilty things like blogs and SeamedUp for a half hour or so each of those days. Then yesterday I was over it and spent another 2.5 hours hand quilting and another hour doing online quilty things.

    Have a quilty week!

  3. Hi, I did a little sewing each day. Yesterday my daughter and I spent 2 hours sewing. She completed 4 blocks and worked on 4 more disappearing 9-patch blocks… I finished a quilt top.

  4. Perhaps you could get a suitable table at a thrift store. The idea of your machine on a TV tray/laptop table kind of scares me. I don’t like the idea of the machine landing in your lap when you get into FMQing.

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