23.7 SQ Episode 037 – March A Long Report March 11

March 11, 2012

Podcast Feed

Can you sew for 15 minutes a day during the month of March?

Did you know March is National Quilting Month?

And that March 17 is National Quilting Day?

And that Seamed UP is having a twitter sew in on that day? (#NQDSI)

And that Seamed UP is having a month long promotion / contest for using their site?

And that you can report your sewing to me on the blog, email or twitter (#MAL15)

See the past posts about the March A Long

Starting Here, going Here, and Here, and here before today.

And one more picture of my Necchi in action.

Start thinking about MQS if you’re in the middle of the country as I am.

MQS is Machine Quilters Showcase in the middle of May, a quilt show for machine quilted quilts. I will be there (somewhere sometime).

I hear a rumor that the SeamedUP girls (girl?) are going to try to attend Spring Quilt Market, which is held in Kansas City during the same time frame.

Imagine that.

Meetup possibilities abound. I have already heard that Robin and Jackie are going to try to make it to MQS. I want to spend at least one day there volunteering, and I have to figure out when /where to take days off to be available to help out and / or meet up with people.

One more reminder:

This is also a big finish for Rhonda’s Finish A Long for 1st quarter. Deadline for 1st quarter Finish-A-Long is March 31, then she will run a week of tutorials so I think the linky party of the second quarter goes live April 1st or 8th not sure. Probably the 1st. This is what I got from Rhonda.

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  1. A red hot Italian tomato should be named Sophia!

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